SOLD-YOU’VE GOT TO SEE THIS!! 2.27 acres in Elko, NV

$160 Down, $160 per month for 50 months! $40 doc fee. Cash discount available.

Bring your RV! Come and camp on your own private recreational property.
This buildable lot can be yours, don’t let this opportunity pass you by.
$160 Down will hold this property!

Google map link:

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Enola Gay Hangar

GPS Center 41°14’44.61″N, 114°14’46.09″W
GPS NW 41°14’46.10″N, 114°14’47.99″W
GPS NE 41°14’46.11″N, 114°14’43.78″W
GPS SE 41°14’43.18″N, 114°14’43.81″W
GPS SW 41°14’43.18″N, 114°14’48.01″W